No feedback on closing project on Windows 10
When I close a project, I used to get some feedback in version 1 that a backup was being made (I have ‘backup on project close’ active). Now, when I close a project, nothing visible happens for a while. For a large project, zipped backups and a slow computer, this can be disconcerting.

I have the same version on Windows 10 and the backups take place when I close the program. Is it possible that option is turned off in your options?

The backups do take place, but there is no progress bar or any visual feedback.

As this might have some impact, do you have either Window > Float Window or Float Quick Ref Panels enabled?

But I suspect that whether you see the ‘backup in progress’ panel has nothing to do with Scrivener and everything to do with how well your PC handles (or not) window processing while it is under a momentarily heavy load.

For me, sometimes I see the ‘backup in progress’ panel with the beta, sometimes I don’t. It was the same with Windows v1. Scrivener has never failed to produce backups, so it doesn’t concern me.

Hopefully the devs will provide their thoughts on this.


I’m with you on this. I found that once I switched to a fast SSD and added a bunch of RAM, the “making a backup dialog” seemed to go away. Actually, it just didn’t have the time to display before the process completed. At the time I noticed it, I made sure to check that the backups were actually created where they were supposed to - they were - and then promptly forgot about it. It was running as it should.

Damn that fast modern computer stuff - working faster than our eyes and brains can comprehend…