No full screen mode in Lion?

Hi. I’m using Scrvener for a few months already, and I’m very fond of this software. This is a first problem I’ve ecountered: I’ve just updated my mac to Lion OS (from Snow Leopard) and it seems that full screen mode is unactive in Scrivener. Do you have any idea why? Thanks in advance.

2.1 will be out in the next few hours, which fixes this issue and is fully Lion-compatible. (The version in the beta testing forum also fixes this particular glitch.)

Great, thank you for a quick response.

Full screen mode seems to work now, but I can’t get it to full screen on a secondary monitor as I was able to before. Whether I use Lion’s Full Screen or Scrivener’s it always pushes the window to the laptop screen before going full screen.

Is this known?

This sounds a bit like ordinary Lion behaviour. If you call up Mission Control, you’ll note that any application you use Full Screen on will be moved to its own Space. It sounds like the Mac is assuming you want to use your laptop monitor for that. As I don’t have a dual-monitor setup right now, I can’t really test this, but I can say that the underlying mechanics of where things go when you use full screen is entirely up to the OS.

That would make sense. Maybe I’ll do some googling around to see if there is any word on a work around, or a setting I’m ignorant of in Lion.

I just found a work-around all by my little lonesome.

In Display Preferences There is the option to move the menu bar (depicted as a white bar at the top of the primary screen. If one moves that to their secondary monitor it will allow full screen to operate on the screen that bar has been shifted to.

I used to have this enabled months ago but stopped for reasons I can’t remember. I do believe that the bar moves back once the secondary monitor has been disconnected though, so one shouldn’t lose the Dock and menu bar