No Highlight for Find Resulsts

When I “find” a word, it navigates roughly to it (near bottom of editor) but it does not highlight it. Is this a bug? If not, can we add a highlight result here?

Also, the comment feature could do with some finessing IMO. I would like it if the comment in the inspector had a summary of the selected text the comment was added to. Currently it does not.
Basically, I use this feature to add notes to my script, and it’s frustrating to see the comments list as a list without any context as to what they were added to.

Many thsnks.

Use the first line of a Comments as a tag name, press enter and make the comment. Something like…
Aijalon’s Backstory
What Aijalon was up to before she climbed on the bus about to be hijacked.

Project Search would bring up all the Binder items that contain Comments in a search for Aijalon’s Backstory, without you needing to use Keywords. Clicking on the Binder items, you’d be able to read the sequential Comments, somewhat as a list.

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Thanks Kev. That’s good to know, although not really the function I was after:
-you still have to write a description in the comments list, which I don’t get. It should just reference the selection you made, and then you can comment on that, as in other word processors.

and also seems to throw up its own set of bugs:

-the resulting list in binder when clicked doesn’t navigate to the correct part of script to show keywords (I had to scroll through the scene)

  • the selection highlight colour is so bright I can’t read the words and can’t see where to change this

IMO the comments should list the highlighted text as well as the comment. I don’t see the reason for this not being the case.

Also, the Quick Search is useless. It needs to highlight the term searched for when you click the result to navigate to it, again, surely?

For example, why does each comment say “comment”? Surely this is redundant? In place of this I would like the selected text, or perhaps the first 3 words of such to be listed instead, so you know what the comment is referencing without having to write it out again when you make the comment.

Collapsed - selected text preview & comment title
Expanded - further comment notes underneath

Also would like a global list of comments. As it is it only shows comments in the text file you are currently working in, which is again a bit useless if you’re trying to do a whole script review.

Can we put this as a request please @AmberV ?

I suppose it says Comment to differentiate between such and a Footnote which is allocated the same workspace. Sure, you can leave out the name and differentiate using colours. Others might not like the idea. You’d likely get six in favour and a half-dozen against.

You can turn off the highlight using View > Text Editing > Hide Markup. (Word of caution here: In Windows, if in Scrivenings view the mark-up doesn’t hide. It only does in single document view mode.)

In terms of colour, you could adjust yours under File > Options > Appearance for the look you’re after.

To see a bigger view of comments, it depends on whether you’re highlighting multiple Binder items or whether you’re viewing them from a higher hierarchy folder. The list below transcends many folders/files and clicking on any one of the listed items would take you to the exact text highlighted for the purpose of a comment.

I’ve not experienced the bugginess you referred to, which is not to say it might not be there.

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What other word processors? In Word, a comment includes the time and date and the name of the commenter, but not the anchor text being commented on. Which is exactly what Scrivener does.

Which is why I don’t use Word, and moved to other softwares, such as Scrivener.

It would be good if you could engage with the criticism and suggestions too @kewms . Surely you agree that “comment” being displayed for every comment in a menu called comments is redundant? Replacing this with highlighted, referenced text would surely be more functional. I would certainly find it so, as I guess would others

This is Google Doc:

Yeah, good shout. a different colour, or even menu, would be fine. so they could then get rid of “comment” and “footnote”

@kewms I think just the option to display a referenced text preview (first 6 words or so) would be v helpful. and if you make it optional then folks don’t have to have it?

I would personally like both: comment title, with referenced text preview next to it, then comment below. failing that, just referenced text as title, then comment below

I’m a Mac user, so I don’t know if this is possible on Windows, but for us there are disclosure arrows…


… is that what you want? Whatever you put in the first line is what shows. Clicking on the comment takes you to the anchor in the text, makes it flash and leaves it highlighted.


P.S. Just seen @Kevitec57’s post above, and the disclosure arrows are there.

That would be good, yes, but the expand arrows just show the manually written note in both cases in my Windows.


Perhaps it may help @kewms if I more clearly outline the function I am trying to use this feature for:

I want to make a list of “amendments” (specifically callbacks) during my script review sessions. Ideally, this means leaving a bookmark or note or whatever at a certain point in the script.
I then want to be able to look at this list as one list at the end and work my way through these amendments.
And so the referenced/highlighted text being shown would be helpful because then I would know exactly what the note is without having to navigate to it and check.
It works okay as is (I can just manually type a summary), but I just think this feature (as Google Docs does) would be a help in reviewing and making the comments list a bit more procedurally tidy.

I also would like to be able to view the whole global (all) notes list without having to open the binder and alter my selection, as I always use a specific selection (to generate my scrivenings editor) to constantly work with, and would like to navigate around without affecting the notes list (as I may need to go and check something whilst reading the note).

Hope that makes sense.


Since Comments and Footnotes appear in the same list, no it is not redundant to identify which is which.

Fair enough.

But could the lists be separate? Or just use different colours?

I find it to be pretty redundant as I don’t use footnotes.

Also, my main points are about having the selected text references in the comments.

Is this possible in future releases? Google Docs has it for a reason.

I’m going to move this to the Wishlist forum, since that’s what it is.

We evaluate all suggestions and feedback, but make no promises about proposed enhancements.

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