No horizontal scrollbar, line too long?


I pasted some text into scrivener and the lines are longer than the screen. there is no horiz. scrollbar. I cannot reach the text outside the screen. Can I somehow reformat the Text? Thank you!

Easiest is Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style if it’s okay to reformat the whole document to match your defaults. If you need to limit it just to that pasted line, you could triple-click to select it, copy it, and then backspace a bit into the “good” formatting and then try using Edit > Paste and Match Style, which will paste as plain-text. Or you could select some properly formatted text and use Format > Font > Copy Font and then Paste Font on the problem paragraph–that should work if the problem is that the line originally was set to keep lines together.

That worked very well, thank you! Still, I think there should be a scrollbar if the line is longer than the screen. Maybe a bug?

Yes, Scrivener doesn’t support the RTF \keep tag, so it ought to be stripped out when pasting or importing text that uses it; that’s on the bug list.

On the “going to be fixed bug list” or the “plain bug list”? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I like to think they’re all going to be fixed eventually. :wink: