No icons available in "customize toolbar"


I just started using the beta and wanted to customize the toolbar, but I don´t see any icons in “customize toolbar”. When I click on > Customize toolbar > Format Toolbar there are no icons there. Not one. Only the separators. Can you help me? I really need the icons strikethrough, back and forward.

A friend of mine has the same problem.

I use the current version of the beta for windows.

Thank you.

It would help if you posted a screen shot so we could see what you see. It should look something like the attached screen shot. And “back” and “forward” are not part of formatting, unless you mean Undo and Redo.


we just figured out the problem. By total coincidence, we changed the scrivener wide language to English just now (it was set to German before, but we prefer English) and when I opened the format toolbar to make the screenshot, all icons were there.

So we set the langauge back to German and the icons were gone again. This happens both when Scrivener uses the system language as default and when you set the language to German manually.

Screenshot is attached.

P.S.: Yes, I meant undo and redo. :mrgreen:

From the main menu at the top, you are clicking on View and then clicking on Customize Toolbars…? It should open a dialog box as shown here:

Make sure you click on the Format Toolbar, which should bring up the available icons as shown in my picture above. Available Toolbar Actions are on the left side, Current Toolbar Actions are on the right. You would click on the Available Toolbar Action and then use the arrow keys to add it to your toolbar in the location you want.

Looks like a localization bug. If you set the language to English, customize the toolbar, then set the language back to German, does that change your customized toolbar? EDIT: Nevermind, I just checked, the customized toolbar will stay as you set it when switching between languages. So, a workaround is to set the toolbars in English, then switch back to your desired language.