No indent for first paragraph etc

Good morning.

How do I set Scrivener for:

No indent for the first paragraph of each chapter.
And, no indent for first paragraph after a scene break?

This has bugged me for a while.

There is a simple setting for this, if you are using a compile format that doesn’t already do this… In the setting for your chosen Compile Format, look under the Section Formats tab, select the section format that the relevant docs are being sent to (via their section type assignment). In the tabs there, the last tab has a checkbox to do exactly what you want. Not near my desktop, so hope that is tolerably clear.


I am sending the chapters one by one. I export them to .docx. I’ve never really done a compile of the whole thing. But when I send my chapters there are formatting rules I’m supposed to follow. All of them have been easily achievable in Scrivener except this one.

I appreciate your help but I couldn’t make it work with that info. I tried to do a compile so I could follow your instructions.

Do you have anything else that might help?

Anyone else?

I can give more explicit steps for the suggestion I made in order to compile just a chosen chapter. But first it would be helpful to know if, when you say you have been exporting to docx chapter by chapter, you mean you have been using Compile function at all or you are using some other means of getting the chapters out of Scriv. If you have been using Compile, it would be a help in giving directions with some screenshots to know which Compile format you have been using.

I’ll put something together when I get back to my desktop, but if you happen to see the above in the meantime, it would be great to know that little bit more about how you have been working.

Quickest way for you might just be using the Manuscript (Times) compile format – which already has set the feature you are looking for, so you would not have to mess with it – assuming that that format issues in a docx that otherwise comes close to fitting the requirements of your editor.

Fast from-scratch instructions:

  1. Select the chapter doc(s) you want to output in the Binder.
  2. Invoke Compile. In the resulting dialog box:
    2.1) On the top-center pop-up, specify to Compile for: Microsoft Word (.docx)
    2.2) On the left side of the pane, select the built-in compile format Manuscript (Times).
    2.3)On the right side of the pane, select on the pop-up menu there Compile: Current Selection.
    2.4) In the middle section, hit the Assign Section Layouts.
    2.4.1) On the resulting dialog sheet, click on the Text item at left.
    2.4.2) Scroll to and click the preview called Chapter on the right.
    2.4.3) Okay that. [This associates the section type (Text) with the section layout (Chapter).]
    2.5) Compile that.

What I had been doing is going to file-export-files and then choosing docx.

When I follow your instructions (in your last post) I manage to get no indent on the first paragraph. Thank you for taking the time to break it down for me :smiley:

Oh good.

That should also be giving you no indent on paragraphs following an empty line.