no italics in xelatex

I’ve specified XSLT as memoir-xelatex, and when I xelatex a document with italics, no italics is produced. I do see in the latex resulting from compile, {\itshape …} around italicized words, but apparently xelatex doesn’t care. Perhaps it should be done as \emph{…}?

Details: xelatex output contains:

LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape T1/Palatino(0)/m/n' undefined (Font) using T1/cmr/m/n’ instead on input line 100.

– and I’m using the default Scrivener font on a Snow Leopard with no extra fonts. Does memoir-xelatex work out of the box with default Mac fonts, or we need more?

I still wonder whether I should change {\itshape …} to \emph{…} as this is what I mean in a thesis, semantic emphasis, not necessarily italics. I still represent it as in MMD, so I know I’m mixing layout and typesetting, not nonetheless!

XeLaTeX was told to load Palatino in T1 encoding, which does not exist and uses Computer Modern Roman (CMR) as a fall back font. I suspect that you have line like


somewhere in your LaTeX file. Remove it and everything should work as expected.

Exactly, signinstranger, thank you! Since [T1] is in memoir-xelatex.xslt, I had to comment it out there. Probably needs the fix on the github…

I just made a comment on github. :wink: