No launch on install - iny tiny winy bug

Just reinstalled to make sure…

After installation of Beta 0.2.9 it shows two tick boxes on completion - one to show the Readme and the other to launch Scrivener.

The Readme launched but on both occasions Scrivener failed to launch.

'Tis but a tiny thing but might confuse a newbie (or me!)

Love and cuddles

Thanks, this is a known issue I’ve seen and some others have reported as well. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion!

You are most welcome - no real inconvenience or confusion … OK a little confusion “Where is the Scrivener window - I am sure I opened it… it must be here somewhere…”



Heh, yep, I did that too. It was, to some extent, a relief to see I wasn’t the only one who experienced the issue. Thought maybe too many late hours were catching up with me. :wink:

I just wanted to drop a quick word to say I noticed this on install of 0.2.9 - This bug still exists. Minor confusion. It made me want to install again and uncheck the box to see if a null Boolean would cause the event. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as the ones and zeros being flipped around the wrong way because it didn’t open when the box was left unchecked either. Doh! I hope you can dig out this little critter.