No List of Recent Projects

HI, I have looked everywhere for something that might be switched off, but to no avail. I am working on a few projects. None of these ever get listed under File/Recent Projects. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. It used to work in an earlier version, but stopped working, possibly, in the last version before I upgraded to v2.0, and has not ‘worked’ since. The Recent Projects lists just remains greyed out with the words ‘clear menu’.


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Your preference file might be corrupt, although that seems a little odd if this started prior to upgrading to 2.0, since that would’ve created a new file; in which case it seems more like something on your system. But you could try removing your com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.LSSharedFileList.plist file from ~/Library/Preferences and start up Scrivener, open a few projects, close them and quit, then start Scrivener again and see if they’re in the Recent Project menu. If they are, then hurray, it was a corrupt file, problem solved! If not, you can drag the .plist file back into place (just save over the new one that was created) and you won’t have lost anything.

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried all of what you suggested, but it still behaves the same way, nothing listed in the Recent Projects menu.

Check your global Mac preferences, in the Appearance pane, and ensure that it is set up to remember the last n documents, where n does not equal zero.

That’s great!

Yes that was the problem! Opened a few projects, quit Scriv, restarted Scriv and they were all listed in Recent Projects.
Thanks so much for that.
So many things to remember…so many things…



Gee I’d been looking for a solution for this for quite some time now but apparently I hadn’t looked in the right places.

Very helpful! Thank you very much!!