No longer Scapple for Snow Leopard?

I downloaded and installed Scapple trial version for Mac but, in my MacBook (early 2006), could not open it (“You can’t open the application because it is not supported on this type of Mac”). A few months ago I remember having installed a previous version and ran the application. There is no more chance for me?

I have a general question regarding snow leopard. I have an old mac mini with sl and scrivener and scapple on it (my first mac). Will I be able to reinstall compatible versions if need be? I purchased scapple through the apple store, scrivener through here.
I like my old mini, and my daughter is just starting to use it for school, so it would be nice to have the most essential apps working on them.


I would try downloading and installing it again, after a reboot. On some occasions I have had cases where software comes up incomplete, with a “Do Not” badge over the icon in Finder. Rebooting sometimes helps, as does reinstallation.

Philipp, you can always reinstall software you’ve purchased through the Mac App Store. Just visit the “Purchases” tab. You should see Scapple listed there with an install button beside it, if the software is not already installed. For direct-sale software, we distribute it has unlockable demos. If you ever need to re-install, just download the latest demo and key in your name and serial number when requested.

@AmberV: I know, but what if the new in-store version is not compatible anymore? Can I download an older, compatile version? E.g. right now I can’t update Scapple on my mac mini anymore, it’s not compatible with snow leopard 32 bit. What would I do in case of a reinstall?

If you need to switch to an older version there is no way of doing so with Mac App Store purchases. That is something worth keeping in mind for the things you buy, as not everyone might provide a solution for you. As for us, we build in an alternative into our products that will let you run the software off of the MAS, using your receipt to unlock it. Just download the older version from the Scapple change list. This is the direct-sale version that people use when buying from us. It is essentially identical to the MAS version, and like I say it will detect that you’ve already bought the software and run in unlocked mode.

This is great! Thank you very much for this!
Btw, may I ask why the 32bit has been discontinued?

Keith may have a better answer, but as I recall it has become increasingly difficult to support older architectures along with supporting the newer OS’s. It’s been that way for a long time, but 10.9 has made it even worse.

Ok, thanks for this explanation. Hopefully the document format won’t change … :frowning:

I have in the past run Scrapple on my Snow Leopard Mac. I fired it up today to put in the reg number and am told that I can’t use Scrapple on this type of Mac.
If I click on “About this Mac” it says I’m running 10.6.8
YOUR requirements for Scrapple clearly states "Scrapple for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.6.8, or greater. If you are stating that it will run on 10.6.8 then it better run on 10.6.8.

So which is it - are you supporting it? Or is that a misprint on the Scrapple page?

It should be running on 10.6.8 just fine, but as noted above there are a few 32-bit Macs that can also run 10.6 which don’t run 64-bit software. We made a 32-bit version of 1.1 available back when it was released, which you can still download at the change log link I provided above.

Awesome news.

Is this something that should be mentioned on the Scrapple page?

Thanks again!

BTW this link from a post previous to mine doesn’t work. “not found on server.”

Right you are, I’ll fix it. Here is a link to the 1.1 heading: … ersion-1_1

It probably should be mentioned if the 32-bit build of 1.2 is delayed any further. I’ll see what’s going on with that.