No longer showing a total number of words

Hi all,
I used to be able to click on a folder in the binder and, in the editor, see the whole folder’s contents. I also used to be able to see the total word count in the centre at the bottom of the window. Now, I see a blank page (I’ve typed nothing in the folder file) and a word count of zero. If I click on a specific document I do see a total word count.

I suspect that I’ve unintentionally changed a setting somewhere, but I would like to see the total word count in particular.

Any help is appreciated.


You’ve turned off Scrivenings view mode at some point, which will indeed drop to showing only the thing you clicked on, which might be empty if it is a folder.

Use the View ▸ Scrivenings menu command to get it back!

Worked a treat. Thanks AmberV