No matter what I do I can’t see my files from my new iPad and Dropbox or onedrive

Hi folks,
I cannot get my iPad or scrivener app to “see” or grab my files on Dropbox or onedrive. I prefer one drive as I am a pc user but love my iPad. Anyway this issue is that the box is greyed out when I go to see the files and therefore scrivener won’t pull them in. Can anyone help. This is an odd thing about scrivener and while I like it is so clunky to use. But maybe the clunky thing is behind the keyboard? Who knows.


Welcome to the forums, @Ric_Joyner.

Here are some ground rules for syncing services -

  • To sync Scrivener between desktops (PC <=> PC, Mac <=> Mac, PC <=> Mac) you can use DropBox or OneDrive.
  • To sync Scrivener between desktop and iOS, you can only use Dropbox.

Here are some basic guidelines for syncing desktop Scrivener and iOS Scrivener -

  • On the PC you must have the Dropbox app and Windows Scrivener app installed
  • On the iPad you must have the iOS Scrivener app installed

For the nitty gritty details of how to establish syncing between PC and iOS, see this Knowledge Base article. If you still can’t get it working after walking through the steps detailed in the article, please come back with specifics of which step is failing.