No maximize/minimize controls on "Create" window

There are no maximize/minimize controls on the “Create New Scrivener Project” window. The lack of these controls eliminates the user’s ability to control limited screen real estate.

It’s not really a window that can be resized, as the various elements have to be specific sizes in their arrangement, but given that the window is only for creating a new project and doesn’t need to be on your screen otherwise this shouldn’t normally be a problem. Is the window too large for your screen size?

This is the window that appears when one closes all open Scrivener projects and has checked the General option “Show start panel when there are no projects open”. It is a convenient way to have quick access to one’s recently opened projects.

I would like to be able to minimize (hide) this window in the Task Bar when there are no projects open. But I can’t. I leave Scrivener open all day and sometimes close all my WIPs while I do a few other things. During those times, I would like to minimize the window to the Task Bar to save screen real estate.

Oh, got it. I was thinking you were talking about dragging to resize, which you obviously weren’t; my brain wasn’t on. Sorry!

Maximise probably still isn’t feasible for all the same reasons that drag resizing would be—but minimising sure does make sense for this window.