No Push Pins? (Newbie)

I’m using macOS 3.1.4

I’ve looked at every menu multiple times, tried every option I can find, set everything the way it says to, checked the manual and the forums (and – and I still cannot get Push Pins or Colored Cards. I do have the Label Chips.

The following menu choices do not show:

View->Corkboard Options->Show Label Pins
View>Use Label Color In>Index Cards
Preferences->[Appearance->]Corkboard-> Index Card Theme

What am I missing?

Yeah, it sounds like you’re looking at some older articles, these are commands from version 2 of the software. The graphical representation of a “pin” was removed a couple of years ago, and even before that it has not a default look in the software since 2010.

The commands are:

  • View ▸ Corkboard Options ▸ Show Label Colors Along Edges
  • View ▸ Use Label Color In ▸ Index Cards
  • Preferences: Appearance: Index Cards: Index card theme.

Of special note, the menus use whatever you refer to as the label, as set up in Project Settings. For example in this project I use the label to denote topics, so for this project I’ll see View ▸ Corkboard Options ▸ Show Topic Colors Along Edges.

Got it. I was/am using all those menu commands and the label so I’m up to date on that.

For the future, how do I determine if a support article is out of date? The ones I was referring to were what showed up with a search.

Thank you.

Well if you find a spot in our official support or documentation that is out of date, or doesn’t seem to match what you see in the software, let me know! :slight_smile:

Otherwise I’m not sure, I guess if the site indicates the date when a piece was published, that’s as good an indicator as you can expect to get. Generally anything before 2017 for Mac will be “old”, which isn’t to say it won’t be of any use, it’s still very much the same program, but little things like this, the names of menus, may be different.

Well, that does make sense … and is no doubt the reason I didn’t find anything in the manual itself and the other items were at least 8 years old! :blush: :slight_smile:

Screenshots, if there are any, can also be a helpful indicator. If the Scrivener logo at the top of the window is “wrong,” or if it looks like a Windows window rather than a Mac window (or vice versa), that’s a clue that they’re using a different version of the software.