"No response" when searching

When I search (or do other actions) in Scrivener mostly “No response” is shown and no result is shown, Scrivener cannot be accessed anymore. I have to close it (e.g. by the Task Manager) and start it.

I could I make the search work again?


The ‘no response’ may just be Windows saying that S. is off cogitating, doing RAM (memory) work.
(I’ll not go into the details here, yet *, but) it is a situation that occurs for me much more often than it ought given what I am told is a medium-size ‘textbase’ ^. (Though that is only about half what I intend; i’m not yet fully ‘translated’ from my ‘old’ writing app.)

*I have elsewhere.
^As Nota Bene calls one’s collection of texts.

When it happens in my case, I either drum the desk until S. finishes successfully (which it very most often does, though a minute or more later), or I ‘go away’ either to another app or elsewhere in the house, get a drink … play the piano …

I am thinking that our next PC (overdue already :cry: ) will ‘solve’ the problem.
For comparison’s sake, what kind of PC processor do you have?
How much RAM?


ps: Reading elsewhere just now, I’ll add this–I have considered that our Norton AV (360) was getting in the way; it doesn’t seem to be.
But such a background maintenance ‘thing’ could be for you.

Hello dbc183c7.

Well, actually I would not think so. Sometimes it works, in a few seconds at least, mostly it does not. I use 4 different Scriveners at the moment so I can use another one when the one being in use does not work anymore. But at the moment none of them work anymore.

Yes, may be slashing one’s head against the computer / monitor would be an alternative. If only I had a piano…and if only I could play it…drinking some coffee or / and vine or so wouldn’t end up very well, Scrivener does not finish the task after 1, 2 hours.

I do not have any idea of anything, but I would assume Scrivener does not belong to the programs using so many resources.

Yes, such a virus program, I have Defender, could be a cause, but it does not appear to be one here.

Often tried such, but I never could notice an improvement.

“Not Responding” does mean your machine is off doing something. So, you need to figure out what it is doing and what it should be doing and how to fix it.

Task manager and Resource monitor are two Windows tools to determine what your computer is doing. Normally I sort in inverse order by cpu usage so the most usage tasks are on top. If your CPU usage is high, then too much stuff is running.

You can also check disk usage to see if you are having difficulties with your drive(s)

Where are you storing your data? Your image shows a 256GB SSD drive and a huge usb drive. If the data is being stored on the external usb drive, it will be slow. If it is being stored on your SSD it should be lightening fast. If you are trying to store in the cloud, give it up.

Also you need to determine whether you are out of memory. You have 8 GB of ram so there it is unlikely that you would be running out unless something was wrong, but task manager or resource monitor will tell you if your ram usage is over 70%.

Finally, try closing the machine and then restarting. Do not open any other applications. Now try Scrivener. How does it work? Do you still have the problems? If the problems go away, then the issue is either a conflict with something else, or something else screwing up on its own.

Thank you steve@steveshank.com.

When Scrivener shows “No response” its CPU usage is about 10, 15 %. The CPU usage in total for example about 30, 50 %.

At the moment - Scrivener properly works - the Resource Monitor shows this:

Actually usually when storing the data on the external drive it is fast enough. Data stored on the SSD often are not processed faster. I do not use online storage.

The sluggish behavior of Scrivener does not appear to have a connection to the RAM usage. When the usage of RAM is under 70 %, e.g. 50 % or less Scrivener can run sluggish as well.

Scrivener sometimes first runs well, after some time it does not anymore, then after some time it runs well again in the same session (without restarting the system). So I could imagine checking how Scrivener runs after a reboot might not be that expressive. It seems as if Scrivener after a restart of the system runs well, sometimes it does not.

When the language of Scrivener is switched to an other language than English it always seems to be sluggish, slow.

As the user expression goes, "It doesn’t (seem to :wink: ) happen with other similar processes.

Biff, Your Speccy display shows the same core class and RAM specs as I currently have, though I am still using Win7.
(I am using one internal spinning ‘drive’, only about a quarter ‘full’.)

Hmmm, well, OK, alright, good to know, thank you, dbc183c7.