No return from support for nearly two months

I have contacted support at the end of April to upgrade my Mac license. They asked me for an Itunes receipt and I provided that in an email together with a discount code from NaNoWriMo camp April. I never heard back. I have sent the same mail several times to different emails addresses in support. I have also written directly to support form litteratureandlatte home page. I don’t get any response at all. How do I get in touch? I live in Denmark so phone is not an option as it is VERY expensive.

I’ve checked the system, and we have responded to each of your requests, but it looks like you aren’t receiving our emails. Make sure you have whitelisted in your spam filter, and go through that junk folder to see if you have anything from us. But it may be too late now to find anything, if you regularly clear it out—so I’ve sent you a private message here on the forum with the information you are requesting.

It might be easier for you to log in to our support system, or create an account using the email address you contact us with. Once you do that you should be able to review all of your previous tickets and respond to them online.