No Scapple preview in Scrivener


Since installing the latest Scapple (1.3.2) and the latest Scrivener (3.1.2), I no longer have previews of my Scapple-documents in the Scrivener-editor. I’m on High Sierra (10.13.6).

I restarted the apps and restarted my Mac to no avail. And could not find a solution In the manual either.


Anyone here with the same problem?

I was getting the same thing before 3.1.2 – but not on all Scapples. I think it might have something to do with how many notes the Scapple has, but I can’t be sure . Or rule out that RAM plays a part. I’m using a fairly wimpy MBA.

Scrivener uses the Quick Look engine to display previews of file formats it cannot read directly. Have you noticed any problems with Quick Look when using it from Finder, either with .scap files or in general?

I have no issues with previews, but I’m on 10.12 so I can’t know for certain if we’re both using the same variables, as Quick Look is an OS level feature. One thing worth trying is reinstalling Scapple. Perhaps in the automatic update, the Quick Look plug-in it installs got messed up.

Thanks AmberV. Yes, Scapple previews also do not work in the Finder. Will re-install and let the result know in a moment.

Completely de-installed /re-installed Scapple. Also forced the QuickLook generator to reload (Terminal: qlmanage -r).
All files work in QL, like pdf, jpg, weblocs. Except Scapple files.

Looks like it has something to do with using cloud and jagged borders on notes. Changing bordes to those, prevents QL producing a preview. Turning it back to rounded (or square) borders and the problem disappears. Process is repeatable.

Interesting! And good catch. That reproduces easily on my end as well with 10.12. We’ll take a look at it.

I recently have started a thread on this problem with the Scapple Support Team.
I’m still experimenting, but I can confirm that you can change the notes aspects as you wish and still be able to preview the document both in Scrivener and in the Finder (via the Quick Look).
Though, if you change the note border to ‘jagged’ or ‘cloud’, something disrupts the Quick Look engines, so the content of the Scapple file is visible no more, both in Scrivener and in the Finder: all you can see is an icon.