No Scene Divider after Section Start

Okay, I’m sort of at my wit’s end here with this xD So if anyone knows what’s going on, I’d appreciate some help.

I’m trying to output a story to Epub, recently upgraded to scriv 3, all that. I used windows scriv for a long time beforehand, so I’ve been fairly comfortable with the idea of scriv. I’ve managed to jury-rig everything else to work, but I have one lingering issue - specifically, I normally use a ***** between scenes as a scene break.

I have each of me scenes set up in a separate text document within a folder for each chapter. I have the folder itself set as a heading, the first scene in the chapter set as “Section Start”, and each subsequent scene set as “Section”. This was the only way that I’d found to get the chapter title/name of the folder to appear as a proper title and not mashed together into the text.

When I do this, though, the scene divider shows up between “section” scenes, but not between the “Section Start” scene and the subsequent “Section” scene. So, basically, between the first and second scenes, I get a blank line, and then between second and third scenes/the rest on down, I have the proper divider.

I have the separator settings for both Section and Section Start set identically, so…I do not understand why this is happening. Does anyone have any insight?

My folder setup -
The settings for “Section” -
The settings for “Section Start” -
What the first scene break looks like -
What the later scene breaks look like -

The screenshots don’t show Separator settings for Section or Section Start; they show default settings for all text files. Select a specific layout in the list to set its Separators. If that’s all you did, you should see stars for before and between Section and Section Start documents. Perhaps you’ve set the default, then overridden it for one of the section types?

Hi drmajorbob,

I reached that setting window by going into compile->the section layout section on that window, and double clicking on “Section” and “new section” in turn - which did give me different settings depending on which I double clicked on, so I know that wasn’t simply the default setting for the entire project. If I can or should be editing via a different window, that may be the insight I’m missing. Do you know if there’s a different interface for it?

Okay, I think with that extra breadcrumb I’ve started moving forward again. Thanks!