No Selection

Every time I open a saved project, scrivener will open and only display ‘No Selection’ and all of my work is lost. When this happens I can only close Scrivener by force quitting it.

How can this be resolved? Also is there any way to get back the work that has been lost?

Are you certain that work has been lost, or is the window merely “damaged” to the point that you can’t see anything? A good clue there would be if the binder looks and act normally, and you see Draft, Research and Trash. If the binder actually blank and it appears that nothing is in the project, then that is probably not reality.

And if that is the case, it sounds like you might be using an older version of Scrivener on a Mac running 10.14, and running into a known issue.

The only solution is to upgrade Scrivener to version 3.