No Spell checking at all[BUG LOGGED]

Dear Scrivener Team,

sorry for reporting that late. I did find several other things I reported more important.

Within my installation (XP64 german without german language pack; so kind of weird) no spell checking is available (nor in 1.1 nor 1.2 nor in 1.3) . There is no underlining of wrongly spelled words and “recheck spelling” results in no errors. The dictionary also seems to be empty.

Perhaps it is important for you to know that i have (another) aspell installation on my machine.

Best Regards,


Louis, I’m pretty sure I know what this is. Thank you. I’ve logged it.


That must be related to hell : The same thing appears to Lilith and to Luis Cypher…
No spellcheck at all, no red underlining.
The Hell ! There, they’re supposed to know how to spell… :smiling_imp: