'No templates folder set for project' -


I am a newbie on this forum, so apologies if I am asking something already answered.

I searched for an answer but could not find one.

How do I set a templates folder within a document?

All the manuals say - create a new folder, highlight it, and then go Project → Set Selection as Templates Folder

But when I try to do that, no such option appears.

It’s driving me crazy - please advise?

The manual doesn’t say that, not quite. Attached is an image from the manual, and here’s a deciphering of what it says (text plus my explanation):

“… the rest have all been gathered into a single dialogue, accessed
through Project › Project Settings…… (Appendix C)…”

(or to put it more succinctly, the settings are at Project▸Project Settings)

“Setting the Document Templates folder, previously set with the
Project » Set Selection as Templates Folder menu command.”

(note the word previously; not anymore)

The setting you want is at Project▸Project Settings...▸Special Folders▸Template Sheets.

Here’s the manual page:


Fantastic, that’s very helpful, thanks so much!