No text zoom on Composition Mode?

Am I missing it, or does Composition Mode lack the text zoom feature available in the scrivenings editor?

The more and more I use composition mode on my iPad the more I would like to use it on my Mac, but the text is smaller than my eyes need for comfort. grumbles something about things wearing out

You’re missing it. The same shortcuts that you’d use in the standard view still work. Plus you can move your mouse to the top of the screen and use the View → Zoom command. Or move the mouse to the bottom of the screen and look for Text Scale in the lower left.

Thank you, the bottom controls were auto-hiding. I had tried the keyboard shortcuts for it, but they didn’t work, so I didn’t think to check the View → Zoom menu.

This is great, but it would be good if this feature was also available in the iPad app, as I have the same issue, but on the iPad, which doesn’t seem to have a zoom function?

Also, the heading colours don’t seem to work on composition mode in Windows. THey are just grey. Would be great if the colours worked here also.

That’s a theme setting, at least in Scrivener for macOS. You can set the text color to 1. override all colors (resulting in “just grey”), 2. mute them or 3. don’t change them at all.

i don’t think that’s in Windows

The user manual thinks it is. (B.5.3 Composition Mode, page 680):

Most aspects of what you can see in the composition view can be adjusted to
taste, including the colour of text, as an override to its natural text colour.”

Table B.1 Composition Mode Colour Settings:

Enable the Override text color with color checkbox to activate the colour swatch. Disabling this feature will cause the natural text colour to be used, just as it would appear in the main text editor.”

Afraid not:

That’s the ouliner section.

Sorry, you’re right.

But it’s still doesn’t have an option in Composition mode:

THis is for main text, not titles


Composition mode

(which also frustratingly start from the bottom of my scrivenings multi selected doc, instead of the chapter/scene I have my cursor in in editor

Titles are part of the main text. Do you want to change the Scrivenings color instead?

I would like the composition mode to match my editor, so the colour of the chapter BG, whatever that is called.

In your options Screenshot: Scrivenings Titles Text and Scrivenings Titles Background.

Inside the Composition Mode settings…

As with most iOS apps, iOS Scrivener uses the touch screen for this: pinch to zoom in, spread your fingers apart to zoom out.

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