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Hi there,
Just upgraded to Windows S.3. Imported project and have lost ALL text. Chapter headings showing, but nothing else. I saw a couple of desperate comments on Google with the same calamity. Can you point me to a solution?

Exactly what did you import, from where and how?

If you have the Binder structure but not the text, the most common reason is that only the .scrivx file was copied/imported, not the whole .scriv folder.

Opened an old project from the S3 interface that I had been successfully using in S1. Tried using the “Open” function as well as the “Import” function.

The text is all there in the rtf files. It seems like the project is not referencing it.

Anti virus is known to disturb how Scriv handles projects. White-list Scriv in your AV software.

What lunk said. All known cases of this problem have been traced to antivirus software.


Thanks - thats done the trick. Phew…