no wide tables possible?

  1. is it not possible to have WIDE tables, that go beyond the single page view?

  2. because i have never even seen a horizontal scroll bar in Scrivener, so it seems not possible

since the inserted WIDE tables,
become all squeezed up on the right side,
and i guess there is no way around this.

thanks for any info.

Scrivener only has very basic text layout features. It cannot rotate content 90° to form a “landscape” table in the middle of a document that is otherwise portrait. I would suggest saving final table layout for the desktop publishing phase of the project at any rate. You’ll get better tables with more visual options, and can more easily make sure the table is on the right page, taking up the right amount of space. It’s difficult to do all of that with a system that is mainly a writing tool with very little concept of a “page”.