Nokbok subscription service

Those who’re interested in releasing their ebooks through Netflix-like subscription services might want to look into one that’s not yet getting buzz in the media: Nokbok.

They’ll not be going active with an Android/iOS app until probably late February or early March, but I like their business model better than those of the others entering this field and have already contributed a couple of my titles. Here’s their description:

At $4.95/month, it’s the cheapest service I’ve seen so far and I suspect that’ll make a big difference. People aren’t likely to pay Netflix-like prices for reading. Cheaper is better and their income-sharing payment schemes strikes me as a safer business model than the others. As the author, you get 60%. 10% goes to a voted-upon charity. 30% goes to the company.

I also like the free membership option. You can place the first book in your series there to maximize your exposure. Those who like what they read, will then have the option of a paid membership to read the rest, or buying your book via their online store. They’re offering a lot of author-friendly services and splitting the income from each with authors. To get paid, the reader has to read past a certain point in your book.

The link will explain the details. If it interests you, uploading a book as an EPUB isn’t hard and you’ll be getting in on the ground floor. So far, 75 publishers and about 1,000 authors have signed up. You can opt out at any time, so it’s a good way to get you feet wet with publishing via subscription.

–Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books, Auburn, AL