Nomenclature -- 'WinScri'? Really?

And now to the vexed question of suitable nicknames for the two flavours of Scrivener. WinScri? I sincerely hope not. WinScriv? Only marginally better. I would like to see the ‘scriv’ front and center. It’s a family thing. But how? ScriM and ScriW? Okay, maybe not such a good idea. ScrivM and ScrivW. The former is punchy, but the latter not so much. One could work with ‘PC’ instead of ‘Win’. ScriP or ScrivP seem like improvements.

People will do as they please, of course, but right now, on balance, I think I would root for a triumvirate of ScriM, ScriP and Scriv – the latter for neutral reference.

Can it get any better than that? I ask you.

You could be a trendsetter (finally)(for once in your life). Your actions may effect a generation.

Internally the Windows version gets referred to as “ScrivWin”.

How about:



Scrivener Premier Plus Home & Business Package

Obviously it should be called, ‘ScrivPortal’, since it allows the underprivileged inhabitants of the dark, dank and dismal black hole riddled Windows Universe, access to our Supernova abundant, Scrivener Universe.
ScrivPortal it is then. I offer it to the Windowers, gratis.
Take care

Could almost pass as a Middle Earth name, I’ll grant you that.

Why on earth would anyone want to do that?

FirefoxWin and FirefoxMac?
Or Kovid Goyals excellent program Calibre that’s available for Win, Mac and Linux. It’s Calibre any which way you use it.

I’ve never understood this need to label something that’s already labeled.

Why, GR-Win?
(Since I’m on a windows machine. Had I been on my Mac I naturally would have said: “Why, GR-Mac?”.)

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Well the point of differentiating in the nomenclature at the moment is that unlike firefox the feature set is different between the two. Ideally one would go Scrivener1.x and Scrivener2.0, but that is misleading since the Windows version of Scrivener1.x is ahead of the Mac version, but behind the Mac Scrivener2.0 version.

When suggesting WinScri and MacScri I certainly can’t say I though anyone would find them so… distasteful, though really was just looking for a way of differentiating. KB’s internal “ScrivWin” seems to work just fine as well. Either way you are merely differentiating the branch of Scrivener to identify which feature set you are referring to.

The why still holds. Firefox has different features and operation methods based on OS.

But your point is also very solid. I think we need to look at a way of identifying primary OS for a user with an option of “both”. I can’t remember what KB said about that though.

I’m glad I wasn’t drinking milk when I read that. :smiley:

These things don’t usually get any real reaction from me, any more than icons do as long as they are easy to discriminate. But I admit “WinScri” did. Why? Because it shrieked out “This person is not (yet anyway) a Scrivener user!” As a suggested name it lacks all the elegance and sophistication which Scrivener has.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t even like using “Scriv” to refer to the application unless I’m really pushed for time, though I do refer to the projects by “.scriv”, as it is, after all, their extension (at least on Macs …), for the same reason.

“WinScri”? Makes me feel like an oyster that has just had lemon-juice squeezed over it!


Awesome! :wink:

That’s what I think it should be called, Scriwiner.

In Polish it would be pronounced identically to Scrivener, and it makes you step back for a moment and wonder what the word really means. Sort of like stepping back and figuring out how to make windows fit the libs needed to do what scriv does, the polish letters crammed into an Anglo word make for an emulation of that same idea even in the spelling. You get the same thing, but you are constantly reminded that it is a different build. :laughing:

But I am cracking myself up which means that the joke may be two layers abstracted from the sublime. :laughing: :laughing:

Here is the best possible solution: Scrivener.

MS doesn’t call it WordMac do they? And since KB set up completely new forums any one who puts a MS question in the Mac section will have earned the responses that some will give. The same will apply for those Mac users posting in MS land.

What Jaysen said!

Jaysen, my thoughts exactly.

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Just a thought? What happens if a ménage à trois (like the one twixt linda, vic-k and Jaysen), develops between Windowers and Macers, where will they play? :confused: Bet they haven`t programmed that into the beta.