Non administrator install?

Hi all!

Was excited (and a bit gobsmacked) to see Scrivener for Windows appear. I’m stuck on XP at work and would love to be able to use the power of Scrivener to draft documents there. However, out machines do not give us administrator access, which the current installer requires.

Is there (or could there) be a way to install Scriv without admin rights?


You could try installing Scrivener on a portable drive and not on the computer.
You would have to manually select the project file from the portable drive manually each time in order to set the path for that session. Selecting the project file first would fire up Scrivener. Save files to the portable drive only.

This might fool Scrivener into thinking it is installed on a computer.

I don’t know if this will work. I have used this trick for other software with some success.
But mostly across my own computers, not a work computer.

Note: this is not the recommended way to install Scrivener and may violate the end user agreement.

Then, there is the ethical issue of using something not approved for use on that computer.

Why not ask the administrator to consider allowing permission? This is the best choice.

I’ll try installing on a thumb drive.

Regarding ethics, I don’t think it’s “unethical” to try and increase productivity. It could, however, violate IT policies. Viewer discretion is advised :wink:

Related: “never let the guy with the broom decide how many elephants can be in the parade.”


Actually, the thumb-drive idea doesn’t work because the installer errors out before you get a chance to specify an install path.

Now we all know, that it doesn’t work.

You are right, it probably isn’t ethics if your goal is productivity.

More a violation of IT policies. Is there not a process for asking the administrator to allow the install for the benefit of productivity?

After levels and mind-numbing levels of bureaucracy.

I have an idea, though. I will try installing Scrivener on the USB drive via VMWare Fusion at home and then maybe I can run it in semi-portable mode as you describe.