Non-Body Text after a list

In the book I am working, I have several lists created with Scrivener. Often the paragraph after list isn’t indented as I have formatted body text. This can affect more than one paragraph. These are a real pain to locate, since one can’t just use Find by Formating to locate them. When I find one I can fix it by selecting the paragraph and use the “Body preset” to fix it.

Anybody have an easy way to eliminate these short of selecting the whole binder and scrolling thru the book paragraph at a time (which I just did. Even better would be a way to eliminate them in the future.

The Documents/Convert/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style menu command is the usual go-to method for cleaning up formatting, no matter how it got to be the way it did.

As for going forward, an old trick I picked up from years of never using style-based word processors is the double-return+uparrow technique. If you give yourself an empty line to insert abnormal formatting (like a block quote or a list), then when you down arrow into the extra line you created below it, the formatting will be identical to the line you started on initially.