Non-connected note moves to the left when using find

Something I have noticed is, that each time a word being searched for is found in a non-connected note, when the text is centered, it moves the note to the left.

If you cycle through ‘find next’ a few times, the note jumps further along to the left each time it is found. This also happens when editing a note, but in that situation it usually ‘pings’ back to its original position once deselected.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Jono. Do you experience this jumping with left aligned notes only, or it happens with any alignment note style?

Hi, it only seems to happen when the text is centred.

I’ve attached a short clip showing what happens. On my system I can only save clips in Windows Media Video (.wmv) format which wont attach to forum messages, so have zipped the file. Hope that’s ok. (60.6 KB)

Thanks for the screen demo, Jono. I have filed a ticket and we are looking for a solution to this problem in the next update. The note jumps back to its original location after you finish editing, so the final note position is not changed, but jumping notes is not what you want.

The jumping notes that you experience are related to the Scapple Option ‘Auto-size notes’. If you switch it off, notes are jumping no more and you can use the Notes > Auto-Fit command via (Alt+N; U) to resize the notes to their contents when needed. This is not a solution of course, but a workaround.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Jono!