Non-Intended Purpose Feature

I’m completely new to Scrivener and purchased it on a lark with some vague intention of having word processing software that supports all major platforms that wasn’t in any one vendor’s stable (Pages, Work, iOS, etc.)

Even worse, one of my more immediate needs was to generate a resume. Stupid, I know.

Anyway, after looking over what it takes to get Scrivener to do blogging, it occurred to me that getting some sort of integration with JSON resume might be something that Scrivener could actually do.

Anyone have any idea about how someone might go about doing that (more simply, maybe just a pointer to a nice resume template would be fine).


There are likely to be two challenges IMHO to using Scrivener for your resume.

  1. Scrivener isn’t really a page layout program (unlike Pages, Word, etc.) so if you’re working in a field that expects a single-page resume (as opposed to an academic CV which can just drag on and on…) getting the formatting so that you’re maximizing the content on that one page without going over will be tricky. Not impossible, but it’ll probably be easier to export and/or do it from scratch in a program engineered for that kind of task.

  2. Related to the first, once you get your resume formatted exactly how you want it, you’ll probably want to do your updating in whatever program you use for page layout, rather than taking it back to Scrivener. How much of a pain this is depends on whether you update your resume every few years or on a quarterly basis etc.

On the other hand, if you’re just doing a resume for the first time, or updating after a long period, Scrivener would be great for getting that first draft out - getting all your achievements in place, organizing them into categories etc.

I use Scrivener for most of my longer writing, but I keep my CV in Nisus Writer Pro, mostly b/c I did all the page layout work there years ago and am just making small updates at this point.