NOn-Spell Check Red Underline

Lately I’ve had trouble with solid red lines (not dotted spellcheck) appearing under certain words.

I’m sure there’s a simple reason why, but I’m hoping tat someone more`scrivener savvy that myself can help me get rid of them and avoid them going forward.

Glenn K.

Scrivner Red Line Screenshot.png

Red Line Scrivenr Too.png

It could be some rogue formatting that got into the file somehow. It looks more like standard underlining (which can have a colour applied to it like that). Have you tried selecting the whole chunk of text and toggling underlines on and off? You can also change the underline colour via the standard Mac font picker (Cmd-T).

[size=80]Adjusting underscore colour using the font panel[/size]

Hi Amber,

That was it.

I used Cmd T to change the underline color and we’re good to go.

Thank you.