Not able to make Korean font bold and italic

I cannot make korean font bold or italic at all (Highlighting and text color changing of Korean font are ok).

How can I make it happen?

All of default fonts in preferences are Times New Roman. (Only Apple Myungjo font is used for Korean)

Could you help me or fix this problem, please because I have to use both english and korean font at the same time on Scrivener.

Apple Myungjo only has a regular version, it doesn’t have italic and bold variants. In fact, none of the Korean fonts on my system have italic or bold variants, so if you need them you’ll need to acquire a suitable font that includes the variants.

Again, in reference to our other conversation, it’s no good making a comparison with Microsoft Word … that used to slant letters in fonts that didn’t have italic variants and produce a false bold variant, but the Apple text engine doesn’t do that.

If you can’t find a Korean font that fits your needs, come back and we’ll work out a work-around for you.


Mr X

You are so kind.

I also found the fact that Apple Myungjo font doesn’t have italic and bold at all on Mac system. I tried to find font but there is no way.

As you said, could you find me a Korean font with bold, italic, and regular, please?

I think you need to research it yourself, as I know so little about Korean. I would start from here, though: … e-of-them/

The site lists a number of producers for hangul fonts, both free and commercial, and you will need to check them out if any of the fonts they produce have bold and italic equivalents — from a quick glance, from the number of glyphs necessary in a hangul font, italic and bold variants would seem to be separate fonts, rather than font faces.

Mr X