(Not) Creating a new project

I’m quite new here so pardon me if I’m not in the right forum.

I’m trying to create a new project using Scrivener 3.3.6 - downloaded yesterday - on my Mac (ios Ventura 13.6.4). I followed the tutorial exactly. That is, I did these steps in order.

Action: 1. Select New Project… from the File menu.
Result: The Project Templates window opened.

Action: 2. I choose the Scrivener User Guide template
Result: The icon for the Scrivener User Guide template highlighted.

Here’s the next step from the tutorial.

  1. Click “Choose…” to specify a location at which to save the project.

There is no “Choose…” button. It seems to have been replaced by the “Open” button.

[The forum won’t yet allow me to post a screenshot showing exactly what the problem is, tho doing so may simplify things].

Action: I clicked “Open”.
Result: The Scrivener User Guide opened. As a PDF file inside Mac Preview- not as a project inside Scrivener.

That is, the problem isn’t that Scrivener freezes when I try to start a new project. I can’t even click the button to start one. So… what (if anything) am I doing wrong?

FYI I’m more used to FrameMaker 7 (Structured), as that’s what I used in a past life as a UNIX TW back in the Stone Age. But I’m retired now and working on a User Guide for a private project. Scrivener looks like it might solve my project needs at a much better price than Frame12+, but I do need that Binder feature.

Choose a different template. The one you chose will – as you discovered – open the Scrivener manual.

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On the left hand side of that dialog box choose one of the categories below Getting Started, such as All, Blank, Fiction, etc. This will give you choice(s) of appropriate templates you can use.

If you really want it, the User Manual is available as a downloadable project, but I would not recommend using that as a starting point your first time working with Scrivener.

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