Not Dragging, Nor Dropping

I just downloaded the free trial and went through the tutorial with just one hitch – I’m unable to actually drag and drop anything, at any point, in the program. I couldn’t do it with the entries in the keywords box, the freeform index cards, etc… I can click on those things that I am meant to be able to drag, but I can’t actually move anything. (I can move drag and drop outside of Scrivener.) I have no idea how to fix this problem, in part because I am still bewildered by the one zillion possibilities! Any ideas would be much appreciated!

I can’t drap and drop either. Works in other apps but not here. Sorry, no answer, but something seems broken…

In circumstances such as these, my usual response is to re-install the software (although I’ve never had this problem with Scrivener). Perhaps something went wrong during the download, or something has become corrupted in use.

Cool, reinstalling fixed it!