Not opening on text cursor

Hello, I want to report what I think must be some kind of little bug.

One of the cool things about Scrivener is that when you open the application, you appear right where you left your writing — not only the exact file/page, but the exact place where you left your text cursor. However, for some time now it does open in the right file/page, but it doesn’t open in the exact place where my cursor is, but above it. Actually, when it opens, I can see (for like one second) all the text very very small until it fixes and appears at the preset size I have (200%). I think it is in that process of re-escaling the text size that the application goes kind of crazy… To be clear: the cursor IS in the same place I left it, but when I open the application (and after the re-escaling it does) what I see in the editor is not the exact place where my cursor is, but some place above it.

I know that this is not some kind of critical bug, but it kind of annoys me and it would be cool that it could be fixed.

Thank you very much and sorry for my English if it isn’t perfect (which it isn’t),