Not really a problem, just a question

How can I find out the underlying ‘real’ file name of a particular document in Scrivener? I mean the one like “232.rtf.” I’ve tried searching on the manual for ‘file name’ but no applicable info showed up.

So far the only way I’ve found is to open the document, make some trivial change, and then search the project’s ‘doc’ directory for the file with the most recent date. I expect there is probably some really, really obvious command or it shows up in one of the info windows, maybe in the Inspector, but so far I’m blind to it. :frowning:

Shoot, and now I see that someone else asked a similar question just a couple hours ago. Honestly, I searched on “file name” HERE as well, and went through a couple pages of the hits without finding something that applied. Clearly my searching skills are sub par.

Okay - bear in mind that it is probably not at all a good idea to edit scrivener’s files outside of scrivener, so use at your own risk…

Open the .scrivx in Notepad or something, search for the title of your doc. That’ll show you the corresponding binder id number which you can use to find the doc in the docs folder.

Ah, thank you!

Yes, I understand about not screwing with the files through other programs. The situation that comes up is when I want to share a single file with a fellow writer for feedback or something like that. I will make any changes I decide on using Scrivener.

I realize I could probably use Scrivener to ‘compile’ a single document output, but that would involve dealing with the compilation menus which so far are scarily dark arcana to me.

That you had to suggest a ‘work around’ with another program does sort of reassure me that there isn’t something obvious in Scrivener I just overlooked. You know, the way that whenever you track down a clerk to ask for the location of something, it always turns out to be right in front of you?

In that case it’s even easier (and safer) - select the file(s) in the binder, then File | Export Files. Send them the file, let them edit it, then when you get it back, reimport, say into an “edits pending” folder or something and then you can split screen and view them side by side.

That way there’s no mucking about in the project files themselves.

…weird, I thought I had mentioned File | Export in my first message - must’ve accidentally cut it in editing. :blush:

<slaps forehead w/embarrassed look> That never even occurred to me! But yes, it sounds exactly like what I need, and would be much easier all around.

Thank you for your help! I’m so glad I finally asked about it here.