Not Responding - freezing up

Got a terrible problem here. Scrivener is freezing up every few seconds. It shows the message ‘Not Responding’ in the header. It just freezes. If I click again, the screen greys for a moment. Then it returns, allows me to edit one word and then freezes again.
Other things (Browser, mainly) are running ok at the same time.
I have rebuilt indexes.
I’ve been using Scrivener for years and have a lot of projects in it, but this is driving me crazy and pushing me towards using something else. I just can’t work like this, it’s killing my productivity.
It’s not a very big project, a novel with no images in it. I’ve had much bigger projects working ok recently.
Just desperate for a solution before I go crazy.

Frankly, in my non-professional opinion this sounds like a hard disk problem, but if nothing else on the PC is acting up, here are some things I would try:

  1. Email the L&L Windows support team directly. While they do monitor these forums, email is the quickest way to get a response.

  2. If this impacts all Scrivener projects, perhaps your install is corrupt. Delete & reinstall scrivener from the PC and see if that helps.

  3. If just the one project, if it’s not too much trouble, create a new project and copy documents one at a time from problem project to new project, checking the new project after each copy to confirm whether the new project is having the issue. (Seems that you can’t copy/paste documents, so you would duplicate then drag & drop them.) The idea is to see if you can identify which doc is causing the problem.

But if your problem project has hundreds of docs, this may not be practical and you’ll need to do the copying in groups.

Hope that helps,

This may or may not be relevant but here goes:

I am using Windows 8.1 and after a recent Microsoft update I have noted that certain programs have started showing “Not Responding” from time to time. They freeze for anything from a few seconds to a few minutes and then spring into life again. In Evernote any typing I was doing just prior to the freeze may get lost.

Evernote does this regularly, especially after pasting something into an existing note and then starting to type. Firefox seems to do it from time to time; Chrome not so much. Outlook has done it once or twice. Fortunately for me Scrivener has not done this yet.

In my case I suspect that something is happening at a system level. I no longer suspect the individual applications.


I agree with Jim it could be the hard drive. You might try defragmenting if you have a hard drive. Also turn of any antivirus you have and check that. Also, run task manager and see what processes are using the CPU or memory or drive resources.

When this happened to me, I changed the auto-save value back to 3 minutes and changed the font from Courier. Not sure which fixed it – it was probably the auto-save – but it’s fixed