"Not responding" on upgrade to 2.7

I am running Mac OS 10.10.5 on a MacBook Air 13" late 2010.

I just upgraded to Scrivener 2.7.

I have many projects as I use Scrivener for all my writing. In other words, my life is Scrivener.

I have restarted my Mac and closed down all other programs. Scrivener, however, goes into the “not responding” mode as it tries to backup my project prior to converting it to the new format.

Scrivener did open a small project, but none of my larger projects.

The project I am trying to open is roughly 130 MB.

Please advise.

My work-around for today is to work from a backup of 2.6.


Would it be possible to make one of the projects that are not updating available to us, perhaps via a shared Dropbox link (if it’s so big)? I’d like to test it for myself to see what’s going on. Please email us at mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com if that’s okay.

We tested the updater with some much larger projects than 130MB, so it must be something particular about the project. We have a couple of users with similar problems and would like to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible but can only do so by seeing a project.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I was out of town for a couple days doing parent things. I have sent you one of the files that ties up your program. If you need others, let me know after you have evaluated the one I sent.


I just searched for your email in our system, but can only find the email you sent us on the 25th. What subject line does the email have please?


Thought I sent to the mac.support address. Will re=send.

I upgraded to 2.7 (without El Capitan installed since the release for it is set for tomorrow I think)…and upgraded a small writing project, deleted 2.6, and ever since then it’s not been very responsive. It launches slow, makes me want to delete the software and do a clean install when The capitan arrives. I’ll wait to do the uninstalling until El Capitan, though. It takes a long time to load, and when it finally does, after numerous exiting and restarting, it’s slower than molasses. Lots of freezing going on for every click or change to the file I execute. By the time I can use the program, my creativity is zapped :open_mouth:

Oh, and I’m on a mac mini from late 2012.

Edit: Ok, upgraded to El Capitan & it works beautifully. For a shy writer like myself, the split view feature of El Capitan is great for Scrivener! It did have a bit of a struggle to open the project, but not nearly as bad as before the capitan came on board.

Glad it’s working fine! We’ve had a few reports of Scrivener running sluggish since the 2.7 update and are looking into it, but at the moment I’m wracking my brain trying to think what would cause it. Despite the file format update, not much has changed internally, and I’ve been running 2.7 (and earlier versions of it) without problems for months, as have several of the team. It’s clearly just affecting some user accounts, so let us know if you run into any more issues.

All the best,

I was finding that whenever I clicked into a different folder or file, it would take a while, maybe up to ten seconds, to bring up the inspector information and be able to type in the selected file. The length of time seemed somewhat correlated with file &/or comment length. I’ve changed back to 2.6, and was pleased to note that the changes since using 2.7 (about five files) synced seamlessly back into the 2.6 project.

I’m on 10.10.5, with over 2,000 files in my project. I tried creating a new project and importing my current project, but the symptoms were the same. Will wait for 2.7.1.