Not responding

I’m a fairly new user and haven’t mastered the entire program. Forgive me if this question is addressed somewhere. I did some searches but didn’t find clear answers.

Scriv has started freezing and “not responding” frequently if I try to move too quickly (it seems) between files, from a document to the corkboard, to create a new item on the corkboard or click on something more than once. I’ve added a lot of small bits of content, but nothing near book length.

No new security programs added.

Perhaps I need to change a setting? What’s the trouble-shooting process please?

Thanks for your help.


I’m having a similar problem (and I just added a post to the list). For me, I’ve noticed that the issue comes up during the (frequent) auto-saves. Is that happening with you as well?

Yes, it might indeed be the autosave feature. By default it is tuned to wait until you do nothing for two seconds, and then it will save. If you try to do stuff when that happens, you may experience a short delay before responsiveness returns. So if you tend to stop and then start working within two seconds on a frequent basis, you may want to set that to something a little bit higher, maybe 5 seconds, this is an idle timer, not a strict cycle. The setting is in the Tools/Options… menu, under “General”, Save after a period of inactivity.

Thanks for the help, AmberV.

I’ve reset it to 60 secs. I’ll see what happens.

Many thanks.


I’m not sure how it worked out for MarshaS, but changing the auto-save frequency seems to have fixed my problem.


Great, glad to hear it.

Seems to have worked so far.

Thanks for the help.