Not sure if this is a bug or I just think it is.

First, off, I’m running Scrivener on two pc’s one with Win 7, one with XP.

I’ve noticed that any options I change, I have to change both places. Some, like editor defaults, I expected to follow the project but aren’t. Other’s like words added to custom word list don’t, but I don’t expect them to. (I’ll ignore that custom words don’t remain past a session for now.)

I did notice that customized appearance settings followed the document, but after some of the other things that didn’t, I didn’t expect that to.

did that make sense to anyone but me?

Preferences set in Edit>Options are global, stored outside the project itself and affecting all your projects on that machine. Other changes you make to the interface, like whether the editor is split or whether labels show in the binder, are project-specific. These later are thus saved as part of the project and will transfer to your other machine when you move the project without your doing anything.

You can use the “Manage…” drop-down menu in the Options to save your preferences; if you then copy that file to your other computer you can load it into the options there and have the same preferences on each computer.

(Word list is currently stored as part of that preference file, so it will come across as well, though this has been changed for the next beta so that resetting preferences doesn’t also delete your list.)