This is working the way it should. There is not a difference with Chinese. The way it works:

  • The “New Note” that you do not edit will not change its size until you type. It will always be the default width (set in the preferences).
  • When you edit a note that has been resized, the width will temporary expand to the default width to give you room to type. Otherwise it could be too narrow and you would end up typing into a very awkward small note. When you stop editing it will shrink back down to the width of the text, or if you add several lines it will stay at the default width.

Translated with DeepL.


  • 你不编辑的 "新笔记 "在你输入之前不会改变其大小。它将永远是默认的宽度(在首选项中设置)。
  • 当你编辑一个已经调整过大小的笔记时,其宽度将暂时扩大到默认宽度,以使你有空间进行输入。否则,它可能太窄,你最终会在一个非常尴尬的小纸条上打字。当你停止编辑时,它将缩回到文本的宽度,或者如果你增加了几行,它将保持默认的宽度。