Note Card Formatting


I am enjoying the beta so far, but one thing is frustrating me: Note card formatting. I would love to be able to put line-breaks and bullets into the text on note cards! I’m a bit of an organization freak when it comes to writing and the lack of this feature is irksome.

I usually try to hit shift-enter (generally accepted Windows key combination when inserting text into a field where the enter key alone normally closes the edit) to force an embedded line-break.



P.S. I second (or third, fourth, or whatever the count is up to) the comments about adjustments to the one-letter-at-a-time undo.

Hi James,

As you note, there’s no formatting available for the index cards since it’s all a plain text field, but it is possible to change the return key behavior under the Navigation tab of Edit>Options–just deselect the checkbox for “return ends editing synopsis”. (This will affect editing the synopsis in the inspector too.)

For bullet points, you can use an asterisk, number, or symbol and enter it manually at the start of each line, which should be much less trouble once you can just hit the return key to start a new line. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re generally liking Scrivener so far!