Note Format Request

Hi there,

First of all, apologies if this is the incorrect forum.

I’m using Scapple on windows, and it’s even BETTER than Scrivener for outlining (no, really!)

What I love, is the freeform. Most important, it allows me PARALLEL and TANGENTIAL sequences of notes which can function as 1) Main throughline 2) Subplot 1 3) Subplot 2 etc…

And it even imports into Scrivener! (albiet with a small amount of manual juggling – multiple plot lines are present, after all!)

What I request is not a functional change. but a COSMETIC one. And a highly helpful cosmetic one!

You see, notes can be of different shapes (circles, cloud, jagged, etc.). My question is, why not index card shaped?

Here, I’ve entered the index card in Scrivener, taken a screenshot of it, and pasted into Scapple. Instead of right clicking a note and seeing Note Border -> Cloud, Jagged, Circle, Rectangle etc, can we not also add INDEX CARD based?

THIS is what it would look like:

Oh, I am POSITIVELY salivating at this aspect.

Please, Gods and Goddesses of Scapple, grant me this favour!

I promise to sacrifice 100 virgin goats (how do you determine THAT, by the way?) in your honor!

As always,

Zubin Garda

Why don’t you make a rectangle and pretend that it’s an index card?

:question: :bulb: :question:

For the same reason, a MAC BOOK is different from a DELL LAPTOP, even though both have a screen and keyboard. So what’s the difference? – Aesthetics.

That beautiful red twin line distancing the title from the rest of the words…

Those parallel blues, putting every word in a visual index card…

Those HOURS of wasted time, outlining, when in reality I am just postponing…

Thus, my need for an index card TYPE of a note…

But hey, your idea is not bad too. Now I just need to find a proper corkboard background.

Still… sigh

Zubin Garda

Unlike in Scrivener, Scapple notes don’t have separate titles, so the notecard visual wouldn’t really make much sense. Besides, the idea of Scapple, its central metaphor, is that it is a piece of paper you are writing all over, so a notecard wouldn’t fit in with that.

A little bit off-topic here I’m afraid, but after seeing the image example from MimeticMouton I wondered: how to get blank lines in Scrivener? And I remembered that one of the thing I changed in the Options was ‘Return ends editing’… Is there a way to add multiple lines inside a note with Return+something else even if this option is checked? I didn’t find anything in the manual and shift/ctrl/alt+return don’t work. (I am on Windows at the moment.)

And good luck with the index cards, zubingarda—your mesmerizing descriptions of the red and blue lines almost got me. :slight_smile:

Opt-Return allows you to enter the Return character in a field rather than submitting.

Yeah, but on Windows what would that be? Alt-Return? Ctrl-Return? That is stacked note. Shift-Return? None of these work for going to the next line with ‘Returns end editing’ checked.