Note from Bean 1.3.2 changelog

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This is not a bug report, just to draw Keith’s attention to an area.

From the exelent free texteditor Bean changelog:

Bug Fixes
• Kerning is now much improved! I filed a bug about kerning problems with the text system, and Apple promptly replied that I should try calling [layoutManager setUsesScreenFonts:NO]. This solved the kerning problems and now Bean produces much better text layout. Wish I’d known about that a year ago…but that you Apple for the prompt reply!


Curious. I hadn’t noticed anything wrong with kerning in Scrivener. Also, according to the documentation, screen fonts are only used if a view isn’t rotated or scaled, which means that you wouldn’t see any difference except at 100% zoom (if then). I might e-mail James and see what the problem was, though.
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