Note icons

Hi, can anyone tell me:
when adding notes I initially got an icon resembling an index card. When adding another note I couldn´t add this icon to the next note, because it´s not in the icon library. Can anyone tell me what i should do to get the index card icon in other notes as well. TIA, Famke

The index card icon means that you have no body text in the editor, but some text in the synopsis panel.
It is not an icon available to be hand-picked.

But there is the “outline” icon that is close.

Right click the binder element, change icon, you’ll see a list of available icons.

. . . . . . . . . . .
Note that by hand-picking an icon, you forfeit the different built in icons which gives you a indication about the content of the binder element.

No text - no synopsis
No text - synopsis
File vs folder
File with text
File with text and snapshots.
Scriptwriting mode
(And perhaps other possibilities I am not currently thinking of.)

Using specific icons should be for specific cases in my opinion.
Using icons all over the place for purely esthetical reasons would be ill advised. (But not catastrophic.)


See the user manual, Section 7.1 Binder Icons.