Note trick

I think this is relevant to this thread.

Using Amber’s trick of Command-L to fire up a note I tried to back out of it - or more correctly, go back to the text I was working on and couldn’t figure it out. I see that Amber suggested Cmd-[. … c&start=15

Perhaps a later version could embrace an easier, more obvious way of going back - or locating the original text - or both. A menu item perhaps?

It would give a bit of confidence about using the note text/notation function using Command-L and backing out Command-[ - Note text is pretty wonderful as a function and I thought it deserved something more prominent than a rather obscure key combination.

Just a thought.

Dear Lord, Forgive me if I err.

isn’t cmd-[ is the stock “back” hot key in safari? wouldn’t it make more sense to stick with the already established “back” hot key?

Sorry about the opening. Couldn’t resist.

I wish that Scivener would append a link to the bottom of the note, pointing to the document the note references. That way, whenever you open the note, you can see what document it refers to. It would also speed up note-taking, because you just CMD-L, type your note, click the link, and you’re back in your document.