Notes file disappeared when i tried to drop and drag

Hi guys, I’m super new to using Scrivener so apologies if i’m missing something really basic. I tried to drop and drag a notes file into my manuscript to pop it into the section I wanted it to go it. And viola! It’s gone :frowning: I can’t find it anywhere. Please help! This notes file had about 1500 words in it :angry:

This notes file… was it already in scrivener, or was it a file that existed outside of Scrivener?

What kind of file was it? (PDF, Word, JPEG photo of your notes, etc…)?

Where on the Scrivener interface did you drag it to? The binder (left panel), the main editor (middle panel), the inspector…? If it’s either of the later two, what was/is visible in that part of Scrivener (outline view of your manuscript, the snapshots section of the inspector, etc…)?

Depending on your answers, it’ll be easier to determine what steps to take next for finding that file.