Notes+ for iPhone

Yeah, I thought when I got the promotional email, not what I need. I have several note-taking apps. I don’t need another.

But I looked a bit closer and this one did seem to fit a niche that needs filling. I need something for quick, on-the-go notes. This does seem to fit the bill in that area, with the one lack being no speech to text function. That said, it will mix pictures, drawings, you own text and audio/video recordings in a catch-all notebook. You can also email those notes, which is a good way to get them on my Mac.

You might look into it, especially at the introductory $1.99 price.

The negatives:

  1. Runs on an iPad but no special version for it.

  2. Only iOS 7 and later, so it won’t run my iPhone 3GS. Another reason to get a used iPhone 5.

  3. Like I said, an ideal note taker would convert speech to text. Since iOS has that built it, hopefully it is coming. I’d like that for those ideas that come to me in the night.

–Mike Perry

I am not sure I would want to write down those ideas that come to me in the night… :blush:

Dirty little buggar!! :open_mouth:

I was thinking about some of the more unappetizing cup-cake recipes I come up with in the night :smiley:

Dropvox: you speak, it records and saves to a file on Dropbox.
Review voice notes when ready.

Or set up a Google Voice number, call and leave messages.
They appear as text notes in your e-mail.