Notes icon on right side?

Potentially dumb question as I’m a new user:
I’m trying to paste a photo into a character sketch and I’ve been told to right click the Notes icon on the right side, but I can’t find the icon. Is it supposed to run along the bottom of the page? (That’s what it looks like in screen shots…)
Also, while I’m at it, I want to create a folder called Characters in Research and have the names of the characters as subfolders. But when I create a new folder with the cursor on Character it appears not as a sub folder but as an equal one…

Many thanks for your help,


Hello Joe,
The Notes icon is found at the top right. It is the left most of the six icons ( looks like a little notepad) that are present when the inspector (blue i button) is opened. The actual note panel is at the bottom right. You can paste pics in there.
To choose what you want to create new, as in folder or document ect, select where you want it… characters for example. Click it to highlight and then use the little arrow to the side of the green + button to choose new document, folder ect.

You can also convert a document to a folder by right clicking it and using the menu that comes up.
Good luck.

Thanks very much. That was very clear.


If you want to turn the ‘index card’ into a photo, you can also do that by clicking on the tiny icon in the header of the Synopsis portion of the Inspector. There’s a tiny index card icon in the header above the actual index card title; click on that tiny icon and change it to the other one, then drag an image file into dark grey area.

Also, creating folders at the same level as another selected object is intentional behavior. If you create chapter folders, and nest your scene documents inside them, and then want to create a new chapter folder, you probably don’t want to have to select the Manuscript folder first, but rather keep your selection on the just-finished chapter folder and create its successor. Same goes for creating another character folder after working on the Nth character’s dossier.

If you want an individual character’s folder to be created “inside” the “Characters” folder rather than it being indented at the same level as the “Characters” folder, select another character’s folder in the “Characters” folder and create the new character’s folder. :smiling_imp: