Notes not synced across work/home macs, please help a desperate soul ;(((

Hi everyone!

I have been working for the past few days on a project between home laptop and work desktop (a good 2-3h of commute apart). I don’t know what I did last night when I left the office desktop but maybe I didn’t close scrivener properly and… the past 8h of dense work do not appear in my home scrivener. I am extremely of data loss, this would be quite a catastrophe honestly. Any suggestions on where/how to find the data? I would rather avoid going back to the office since that would be a good 5h loss in the day, but if needs to be… how do I make sure that the last backup on my home laptop (today where I did nothing but the backup still happened automatically) doesn’t replace the one from my office (yesterday, where all the good stuff is)? Many many many thanks in advance!

Hi EmSto, and welcome to the forum.

I just answered your help ticket on this issue, and I recommend that you and I keep the discussion going on that help ticket. That way, we’re staying focused and discussing this in a single place.

For any other users who encounter a similar issue and find this thread later, my first question is always: “Are you storing the projects on a cloud-syncing service?”

Since many cloud-syncing services are defaulting to “online-only” settings for data, that can affect if both computers will correctly access the project’s data.

If the Scrivener project were opened on two computers at once, Scrivener show display an error on the second computer that states the project is already open. That’s to prevent data loss or project corruption.


Oh man… what can I say??? Ruth saved my life! Seriously, I haven’t had such a positive experience with a customer service in ages; she took my hand and walked me through the entire process. She promptly replied with personal ever-so-on-point answers, and that’s it! Both computers are now backed up, and days of work approaching a sensitive deadline are all restored. I did end up going back to the office to backup from there (first without the wifi on just to be sure with a quick “save”; then with a “backup now”; then with a “backup to” creating a separate zip file just to make sure). Once I was certain that the files on my first computer were secured I reopened the wifi, closed scrivener, opened it on my second computer, and was prompted to create a copy of the backup. I may have too many backups at this point but right this minute that is by far a much better place to be than were I was a few hours ago with the perspective of having lost everything. Thank you thank you Scrivener and thank you thank you Ruth!! <3